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Three of a kind

I thought it might be a nice idea to do a series of drawings based on the colours emanating from a woman before, during and after an orgasm. So here they are, in the order they should be viewed. The first is called “Allure” and the woman lies provocatively, her left hand idly fingering her nipple, as her right hand wanders down to her crutch and starts to play with herself. She’s giving off a scarlet glow, as the lust and passions rise, her mouth slightly open, as her eyes stare into the distance as her fantasies start to take form….

The second image is called “Orgasm” as the woman gives off a white hot glow, as she pleasures herself, and loses herself in the moment, her fingers busy and her head thrown back in ecstasy.

And the last image is entitled “Afterglow” as she lies satiated, her hands behind her head, her left leg pulled in tightly to her body, to enjoy the final throbbing warmth from her orgasm. She’s at peace, and giving off a warm afterglow of contentment, her mind wandering, on to the next fantasy, she’ll soon be ready to go again….
And on a separate note, I was in the pub last night when a hand tapped me on the shoulder and I turned to find two women waiting to speak to me. They were apologetic for interrupting my evening, but they wanted to thank me for a painting I’d completed recently. The first woman had commissioned it, as a leaving present for the other, as she was returning to America after living in England for a few years. The American woman then went on to say how much she liked the painting, and what a lovely memento of her time here it was, as it was a landscape of the village she’d been living in, and she would treasure it always, and was delighted to meet the artist. I was delighted to hear it, I said, and delighted to do it for her! It was lovely to meet her, as its always nice to know where my paintings are going to and meet the people they are intended for. They departed then, again with an apology for interrupting me, but they had made my evening and I spent the rest of it in a happy afterglow.
Earlier that evening, a new acquainttance had rung me to thank me for my help in participating in a local exhibition last weekend. “My pleasure”, I said. And it is. I love art, and everything to do with it. Even setting up an exhibition, and all the hard work that goes with it, even if there isn’t a sale at the end of it, at least its promotion, and I always get good feed-back, and meet interesting and charming people through it. Its even better when I sell a painting though – its the best feeling in the world, that someone wants to own one of my paintings, hang it on their wall, and view it for ever more because in someway it connects with an idea, or thought, a feeling or emotion they have, that my painting evokes in them.
Its a life long quest, Art, searching for more ideas, more things to portray, the way that life and art and art and life are inter-connected: the people I meet, and the things they say to me, that makes me realise that I am fulfilling a desire in others, as much as in myself. Its quite a heady responsibility! But I love it!

5 thoughts on “Three of a kind”

  1. Would you be interested in doing a similar series of a man before, during, and after orgasm?

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Hornymaleuk – Yes, that might be an interesting series to do….. any volunteers?

  3. Well, I won’t volunteer for that assignment! But I do love your series on the female orgasm–the blue glow in the middle picture reminds me of a surge of electricity traveling from pussy to brain–which in fact is how the waves of pleasure get there!

    I also loved the story about the women in the pub. I know it must be difficult to part with a painting after putting so much of yourself into it, but at least it’s some compensation to know that the painting is giving someone pleasure in some remote corner of the world.

  4. Jackie Adshead

    Cherrie – It gives me pleasure to to know that someone is getting pleasure from one of my images. That’s why I paint!

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