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Sex in the landscape

While I’m spending time thinking about the poses I’m going to use for Hornymaleuk and my female model when I draw them, I’m considering the lines and shapes I want to incorporate in my images. And I know its basically a human landscape I’m drawing….. when I draw a supine woman I see flat plains of stomach, incorporating the lake of navel, rising up to the gently rolling hills of breasts topped with a citadel of nipple over-looking the plains below, the soft contours of arm and shoulder, leading down to fingers of land stretching out from hands to form bridges and arches. The land slopes down to a dense copse of trees at the base of the of groin, hiding a steep ravine and ferned grotto from which flows a gushing waterfall tumbling down to the deep dark valley below…………

6 thoughts on “Sex in the landscape”

  1. Your post brought back happy memories!
    I have used the term “Project Dales” when refering to plans for a sexual encounter. Our overseas readers may not know that the Dales consist of high mountain peaks and some deep interesting valleys, sometimes in shade 🙂

  2. HonorAndDesire

    Dearest Jackie,
    I love the way you’ve sequenced the details of that lovely piece of art in this post, from what seems at first like a typical landscape, until we get to see the whole wonderful work.
    And such compelling writing — you really do have a gift for descriptive writing that’s also exciting to read!
    I’ve recently begun creating seascapes and my years of figure drawing help me actually feel the swell and flow of the waves at sea, much like the luscious dip off a woman’s hip down into her waist or the gentle rise of her breast into the air. Seascapes feel like landscapes, with sensual movement added.
    Love your website and blog.

  3. Jackie Adshead

    Hornymaleuk – Yes, and I bet you prefer pot-holing to mountain climbing!!!!

  4. Jackie Adshead

    honoranddesire – I’m glad you like my landscape, and accompanying words! I think all artists improve their landscapes by practicing figure drawing, and vice versa. Your words regarding sensual seascapes are really interesting and intriguing – the way you can feel the rise and fall of the sea in your figure drawings….

  5. Jackie, that drawing is one of the best I’ve seen from you. I love the use of dark colors and shadowed textures to draw the eye into the scene, and the pose is so alluring . . .

  6. Jackie Adshead

    Cherrie – Thankyou! It’s actually part of a set of drawings I’m still working on – regarding the colours eminating from a woman, before, during and after sex!

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