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I’ve not forgotten…..

……..but its been difficult to arrange the logistics of getting three people together. So finally we’ve been able to set a date for me to draw hornymaleuk with a female model. And between now and then I’ll be racking my brains for poses, ideas, colours and styles, as well as the important one of hiding his body shape so that he’s not recognised. Mmmmmm… that’s going to be difficult again, but at least I know what he looks like now, so that will make it easier than the first time. And putting two people together, makes for more interesting poses than just one on their own, its just keeping that fine line between erotic and pornographic that I need to consider too. I’ve got a few ideas for poses, so now I’ll have to consider the lighting aspects too, and how long the models can keep the poses for (twice the problem with cramped muscles, aching legs, and cold skin). And until I do the drawing I won’t relax, I know I’ll be thinking deeply about this right up until I complete the images. Who said art was easy?!!

2 thoughts on “I’ve not forgotten…..”

  1. As a newcomer to erotic art, I am aware that I will be placing myself in the hands of two experienced and sexy women – a perceptive erotic artist and a sexy and experienced female model.

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Hornymaleuk – a lot of people would find that a frightening thought!! But I’m sure you’ll rise to the occasion admirably!

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