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What colour am I?

Before I say what I am….I can say with absolute certainty what colours I am not. I’m not bottle green, anything grey, brown or beige. I’m definitely not magnolia, cream, baby blue, pale pink (or any other shade of pink), lemon yellow or mint green. Infact I’m no pale colour whatsoever. I could never be anything so insipid! Nor am I any shade of green, not even vibrant, throbbing lively lime green. I could almost be the colour purple, regal and deep and never ignored, but I’m not quite….. No, I’m a warm colour, a rich colour, a strong and sensuous colour. I’m the colour of gold. Not the shiny brassy new gold, freshly formed and brazen, but of older gold, mellowed with time and constant caressing, full of desireability, confident of its appeal and value to others. That’s the colour I am…… but scratch the surface and underneath there is the colour of voluptuous vermilion, the slash of red on the pouting luscious lips of a wanton woman, the red of desire and lust, passion and sex. And deeper even than that, is another colour – a dark blue, deeper than navy but not as lethal as pure black. Its an inky blue, of velvety depth…. its midnight blue.

That’s my colour – the colour of a scarlet, wanton woman, her golden skin by seductive candlelight, at the hour of midnight……

6 thoughts on “What colour am I?”

  1. I like the symbolism of peeling the layers away: the burnished gold for those who see you in a casual or business setting, the vibrant reds and oranges of your sexual being (do I need only to scratch the gold to find that?), and the deep indigo mysteries at the core of your being.

    My color? I think reds and pinks all the way through!

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Mmmm…. Cherrie, glad my layers appeal to you! My gold needs more than a bit of scratching to find the vibrant reds, but its well worth the effort!!

    Your colours of pink(sounds girly and fun) and red (very womanly, passionate and strong willed) are a heady mix!

  3. My colour of course is Indigo, deep sensual and with a hidden meaning!

  4. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – how mysterious that makes you sound, but I think that was your intention!

  5. Having met me, and peeled away my outer layer, what is my colour?

  6. Jackie Adshead

    Hornymaleuk – Mmmmm…. well I would say you’re definately a purpley reddish colour, underneath, perhaps maroon or magenta, but your exterior colour (the one the vanilla world sees) is a pale cool calm colour – probably pale blue

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