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Suprise turn

Chatting with a friend in the pub last night, he told me again that he wanted to pose for me. He’d told me this last week too, but I thought it was the late night beer talking. He’s never posed for an artist before and is both thrilled and scared at the same time (always a potent mix for erotica!!). He said that his life is mundane, and the chance of me drawing him lifts his life out of the mundane. I was touched and appreciated his candour, and obvious delight at our forthcoming painting session. He says he’ll be guided by me, for what pose I’ll put him in, and is perfectly happy for me to publish the end result on my website and blog. That’s nice, that he puts so much trust in me, and will be happy with the outcome, before even seeing it (although he’s viewed my erotic art on my website and is impressed with it, so he knows how I paint). I’m looking forward to doing it with him. There aren’t many jobs in the world, where people are happy to take their clothes off for you! There’s something of the extrovert in people who can do it. I’m happy to give them the chance.

I’m wondering this week why most of my recent interesting and in-depth erotic conversations are with straight guys and bi-sexual women. There must be a reason for this. Is it that straight women just don’t talk about erotica – with me at least – or is it that only straight men and bi women are interested and open about it?

Now, I’ve got to get some landscapes painted – how vanilla! – and not half as interesting as erotic art.

2 thoughts on “Suprise turn”

  1. I think the explanation is quite simple. Heterosexual men and bi-sexual women will enjoy the sexual frisson of being naked with a female erotic artist who clearly has an interest in sexual matters. Straight women don’t have that desire.

  2. Horneymaleuk is right to a degree. I personally do not wish to discuss my very personal thoughts of an erotic nature with anyone except ‘special’ friends of the opposite sex who i may decide to get more ‘friendly’ with.
    The thought of discussing my innermost feelings of a sexual nature with (dont take this the wrong way) any Tom, Dick or Harriet would make me feel extremely vulnerable. Perhaps this is because i have been the victim of someone who ‘mis-read’ me when i was younger, but i purposefully try to mask anything that can be portrayed as inviting someone to view me sexually, probably as a form of defence. I would not find it easy to switch modes even if i was assured i would be anonymous.I would doubt all other straight women are the same and they may just need a bit of prodding (so to speak)to encourage discussion (hence the popularity of chatrooms).

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