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Sensuous sensuality

It struck me whilst I was painting a picture the other day that I paint far quicker, and with more confidence, and produce exceedingly better results if I paint whilst I’ve got some loud music with a sexy, raucously rocking beat blasting out in the background. It makes a noticeable difference to the quality of the painting. I think faster, make more informed decisions quicker and produce far better results. And then I went on to think what a sensuous experience painting is for me anyway…. beyond the obvious sense of sight that’s needed to produce a painting, I adore the feel of a new piece of crisp watercolour paper on my fingertips, and of a brush or pencil in my hands. I love the arty smell of my studio with the underlying odour of turps and oils. And although the only part of taste that I might experience in the production of a painting, might be the pungent taste of a good idea, all of it goes towards the ultimate and rewarding sight of a good strong painting, that hopefully follows on to feed the senses of the viewer, and then evokes other sensual experiences within them. Especially as an erotic artist, I want to induce the other more hidden pleasures of lust, desire, sex, passion and sensuousness from my erotic depictions of skin, I want to emulate the desires within the viewer that I experience when I draw the flesh infront of me…..

6 thoughts on “Sensuous sensuality”

  1. Oooh, this sounds so delicious, Jackie! A pulsating beat in the background, watching as you set up your materials, and then feeling you caress me with your eyes as you put brush to paper . . .

    You’re going to have to work fast, girl, because those other pleasures won’t stay hidden for long!

  2. Jackie Adshead

    No, they won’t stay hidden for long, Cherrie, I’m very aware of that! But I paint better with a frisson of lust pulsating through my veins, feeding the erotic creativity….

  3. Cherrie, based on my personal experience of posing for Jackie with the pulsating beat of rock music, desires don’t stay hidden for long!

  4. Jackie Adshead

    hornymaleuk – well they wouldn’t, given your nom de plume!

  5. Jackie, I read your May 20 entry on colour, but I can’t find the link to comment there, so I will here.

    I find your interest in strong colours both interesting and appropriate. Yes, some people can be appropriately painted in pastel or earth tones, but I would think your favorite subjects would be bold and unapologetic about it.

  6. Jackie Adshead

    Cherrie – I am perfectly capable of painting any subject in pastel or earth colours but I am more turned on by bright and dramatic colours. I gave up apologising for it a long long time ago!!

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