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Feeling colours

Since I’ve stated that the colour I feel within me as a person is gold, I’ve been asking other people this week what colour they “feel” and had some interesting responses. Some people can answer this question within a minute, with certainty and a positive forthright answer. But others I’ve asked just look at me blankly and reply that they don’t know what on earth I’m talking about and couldn’t possibly give me any sort of answer to this question. Why is that I wonder? I know as an artist I understand and think colours more than most people do, so is that the reason? Or do our brains just relate to some concepts easier than others? When I asked some artist friends yesterday what colours they “feel” only one couldn’t reply, but I had the responses of “light red” from a passionate and happy extrovert guy, “orange” from an up-beat and caring woman, and “red at the moment but blue normally” from a currently stressed and hard-working female! I shall continue to survey people and am intrigued at the replies I’m getting so far…..

I’ve recently finished a painting that I’m quite pleased with as a concept. Its of a naked big breasted fantasy woman, with multi-limbs in various positions, portraying her as multi-tasking, and able to juggle many things on different levels, simultaneously. It’s brightly painted in yellows and golds and deep prussian blues, using the pour-on technique that I love so much as the background, to give fluidity to the image and more of a fantasy feel to it. I’ve called it “Everywoman” and I think many women will relate to it, as they juggle jobs, relationships, family, and other interests.

4 thoughts on “Feeling colours”

  1. To me, the determined look on the woman’s face doesn’t match her somewhat relaxed posture. I’d have her standing up and taking action with that expression, or paint her with eyes closed, dreamy smile on her face, as she dreams of touching her many lovers with her outstretched hands and feet.

    Just my impression!

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Cherrie – I’m always delighted to hear different interpretations of my artwork, especially when they’re as inventive as yours is!

  3. I like the sound of that one Cherrie, ” as she dreams of touching her many lovers with her outstretched hands and feet ” ..magical painting though, I like, I like it alot, Wish I could share her bed … but that’s another story ..!

  4. Jackie Adshead

    Anonymous – Glad you like the painting, and yes, I bet she would be fun in bed!

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