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The difference between men and women

I’m currently having very interesting dialogues with hornymaleuk about how I’m going to draw him. He’s wondering if I’m going to draw him in all his rampant naked glory. If he can keep that pose for the hour or two that it’ll take me to draw him I shall be well impressed!!! Until I see the figure I’m going to draw I can’t say what the pose will be – it differs for everyone because I will need to find their attributes and enhance them (although with hornymaleuk I’ve got a good idea what that is going to be already…..). And its also very different as to whether I’m drawing a man or a woman. For women the erotic image will usually be more subtle and feminine, the hint of things unsaid, an item of clothing (because women are so much easier to dress sexily than men) or of footwear or jewellery. For a man to look erotic the image will have to be more blatant (otherwise its just a life-drawing pose). So the challenge is not to draw what I see before me but to enhance it to make it artistic and erotic. The best way to define the different styles of drawing is to say that “life drawing” is a naked figure in an everyday pose – sitting in a chair for example. If that figure is doing something blatantly sexual then its “pornographic” but if the figure is doing something subtly sexual then its “erotic” and I think far more sexy and interesting than the blatant pose. I’m really looking forward to drawing hornymaleuk, because I know already his pose will be blatantly masculine erotic, and very sexy for it!

2 thoughts on “The difference between men and women”

  1. I have never posed naked for an artist before. I’m looking forward to the experience but a little nervous. I guess the first few minutes will be the worst. However, I’m sure you will help me establish, and maintain, a suitable pose.

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Yes I will – no need to be nervous, you’ll be in safe hands with me

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