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Man or mouse?

I had a nice chat with a newish aquaitance yesterday who has just found out I’m an Erotic Artist (I do love the way people react to that title!) and after the ribald laughing and bawdy comments that seem to follow on from that announcement I could see he was actually considering me painting him, but although the exhibitionist part of him wanted to, the “what will people think?” part was pulling him back. Because he’s a teacher he’s convinced that his pupils will find out and he’ll be ribbed about it for evermore and his credibility will be zero, and he’s also convinced that the minute I’ve painted him in the nude I’ll post the image to my website with his name blazoned all over it for the world to see. He obviously doesn’t know me. I never advertise any of my artwork on my website, or anywhere else for that matter, without checking that the person portrayed in it is happy with me doing so. Some people like their images to be seen, some are private, and don’t. We all have parts of our lives we wish to keep private (its what makes life more interesting!) and I respect that. If anyone wants me to paint them, then its an arrangement between them and me – whosoever they wish to tell or show it to after that is up to them. I won’t tell anyone. Unless they wish it. I told the guy I’d paint his fantasy of himself. I hope I get the opportunity.

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