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Humble in the shadow of Greatness

Just back from a wonderfully inspiring trip to see the famous art galleries of Florence. And I feel totally and utterly humbled by the experience. After standing just bare inches away from some of the worlds greatest masterpieces by Boticelli, Bellini, Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Rubens, Raphael, Titan, (the list goes on….) I can see how I should be painting figures and where I fail dismally! And to see paintings by my all time favourite artist – Caravaggio, put me in seventh heaven; he who easily attains all the things I aspire to in a painting – dramatic poses, limited but bright lighting, and utter depth of darkness was bliss!!! And I fell in love, too, with the work of other lesser known artists such as Gherado Delle Notti, Filippino Lippi and Adriaen van der Werff – such detail, and utter brilliance! An awesome experience!

So, I’ve come back all fired up now after my arty trip and ready to start painting again. I’ve got loads to do and need to to some artwork done (else Lucy will fall out with me!).

And from the sublime to the ridiculous. The young lad on the checkout in the supermarket today suprised me somewhat by his rather personal and probing questions of whether I was happy, had had a good week and what I had been up to recently, so I started to answer him in slightly annoyed monosyllables until he laughed incrediously when I told him that I couldn’t possibly tell him what I had been doing, as I’d be thrown out of the store! So, in an act of devilshness I leant forward, looked him in the eye, and whispered to him that I was an erotic artist and he could imagine the rest…… His jaw dropped in disbelief then a huge ecstatic grin spread across his face as he announced excitedly that I’d really made his day by that comment! And insisted I gave him a high five! I couldn’t help but smile at his obvious delight, so that made my day too and I left the store with a big grin on my face!!

1 thought on “Humble in the shadow of Greatness”

  1. Lucy Felthouse

    Bloody hell what supermarkets have you been in?! You’re normally lucky to get a hello round here!! Glad you had a nice time – and don’t be daft I won’t fall out with you.. I’ve got to do some writing first!!

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