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Fun time

Lucy came around tonight for a good long chat and to give me some advice on blogging techniques. I suppose it counts as working, but it certainly didn’t feel like it! We get on so well, and can happily spend all night chatting. We both fire each other up with our ideas and creative output (two Leo’s together, you see!). I love it when one of my erotic images inspires her to write a story around it, which is what’s happened in a couple of her fantasy nuggets recently. Its so wonderfully inspiring to see my drawings as part of a sexy story – as if that is the very reason they were created. And she also gives me ideas for illustrations for some of her other stories which hopefully will enhance them, one of which I was working on just before she arrived. I have decided to re-do the fantasy fairy tale castle image as the version I did on Sunday can be improved dramatically just by using the watercolour paper I normally use – Bockingford – rather than the other brand I was using that just does not work for me the way I like to paint.

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  1. I find your erotic images quite fascinating. They do work well when combined with erotic stories.

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