Houdini escaped but not without taking a heart with him

Published on 29/10/2012

I wasn’t quite sure how it would be accepted, if at all, but it was…

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Mizzling after the myriad

Published on 23/10/2012

I’m not even sure it’s a word, well, I know it IS  a word in…

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Wrapped up in love and tied with a big red ribbon

Published on 19/10/2012

I’m working on a thankyou at the moment. For a big big favour that someone…

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I didn’t know I knew it til I said it

Published on 17/10/2012

Teaching the art classes has been a really interesting experience for me. Cos I’m finding…

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Stuart wasn’t a naturist until he met me

Published on 10/10/2012

Stuart wasn’t a naturist until he met me. He lived a quiet life with his…

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What colour speaks to you of me

Published on 05/10/2012

Some years ago I did a blog post about what colour I “feel” and the…

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