Designing his own bum notes

Published on 30/03/2010

One of the joys of drawing someone is that it sometimes leads on to them…

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The big question

Published on 27/03/2010

The man from ‘Frisco was keen, very keen. I knew he wanted me to draw…

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Pastel skies and sunny atmospheres

Published on 23/03/2010

One of the thing I love about the art workshops I go on, is meeting…

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Connections reconnected

Published on 19/03/2010

The coffee was deeply delicious, rich and luxouriously strong, with just a touch of cream…

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Seeing beyond the clutter and re-seasoning

Published on 17/03/2010

Sometimes simple things aren’t quite so simple. Or at least the illusion of them being…

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Divine and most beautiful Goddesses

Published on 12/03/2010

Like wanting to hang on to the last stolen minutes with a lover, I don’t want…

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Happy Birthday Blog – three years today!

Published on 06/03/2010

Wow, three years blogging! I remember the first blog post I did and wondering what…

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Almost there with the goddesses painting

Published on 03/03/2010

I’m almost there, and yet……….I’m hesitating……………..Why am I hesitating?Because I don’t want to spoil it….

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