Unexpected responses

Published on 25/06/2008

I attended a workshop at the weekend, one of many that I go to throughout…

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Here she is!

Published on 20/06/2008

Here it is – the unveiling, at long last! You’ve waited a long time to…

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Wall to wall

Published on 18/06/2008

It’s looking for opportunities when they occur and leaping in when you get the chance…

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Why is it what it’s in?

Published on 13/06/2008

They’ve gone. And to a very good home, where they certainly belong. But I still…

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Why I’m not sunbathing

Published on 09/06/2008

…….This is just me musing out loud….. ….. every so often I have time to…

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All change

Published on 04/06/2008

Recently I’ve been looking at a painting I’ve got in my studio, it’s just been…

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