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And it was worth it

I finished a painting for a client who lives in Derbyshire a couple of weeks ago and the arrangement was they would let me know when they were coming to collect it, ok I said thats fine I’ll await you let me know when its convenient. Last week I was told that the clients husband would come and collect in on the Saturday and the time I should expect his arrival

He arrived spot on time, and had had an awful journey to Kent in rainy weather.

I gave him a cup of tea and we chatted, then I showed him the artwork I’d done for him and his wife, and he admired it. I wrapped it up in bubblewrap safely for the journey back. He had another cup of tea then left for the drive home… He commented that the painting would be hanging on their wall in three hours time and I smiled with delight.

He had been with me for just one hour.

Three hour car journey to me.

Three hour car journey back home to Derbyshire…


And he was right, as he knows his wife very well…

Three hours later she had sent me a photo of the painting hanging on their wall. And very nice it looked too….

I made a comment to her on Facebook that he had been in the car for six hours just to collect my artwork…

And her reply was that it was worth it….

That made me very happy to hear… a happy client who asks me to paint a specific piece of art for them, I do it, they collect it and have it hanging on their wall..

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