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MMmmmm but which one does it justice

I want to do a painting of Guernsey and have been looking at the various photos I took when I was there at Christmas time and am wondering which of them captures the essence of Guernsey in one painting,

I know it will be a painting of the sea, as its an island, and a very picturesque one at that (even on windy December days without full sunshine on it, its pretty…) And I adore painting the sea as its water, and has movement within it, and I love the challenge of trying to capture that in paint..

But there are lots of coves and lots of beaches and lots of aspects of sea to consider…and even though I know I will do more than one painting of Guernsey I want the first one to have the character of the place..

I’ve found a frame that will suit it perfectly for the format I want to use… so that helps me to decide as well..

And I’ve decided what it will be of….

And have given a clue in one of these photos which it will be…..

Which do you think it will be..?