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Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas

I was hoping to be painting two commissions in December for two different clients who discussed them recently, but hopefully I will do them in January instead.. you never know with commissions when they will come in..!

It was a delight to see my sister at the end of November, along with her eldest son, and show them a bit of the local area like Rochester which they both loved. Unfortunately they missed out on the Victorian Dickens Christmas celebrations a couple of days after they left, its become a big part of my Kent Christmas celebrations since we moved here!

I’ve sent out my cards, and received a lot in reply, I love this time of year for catching up with friends and family and hearing peoples news. The Christmas tree and decorations are up, I’ve made my favourite white Christmas cake, and mince pies, and now I’d like to wish you a Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas!!