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Guernsey delightful Christmas

My husband and I have just had four days with our good friends who live in Guernsey,

My husband and I haven’t flown together, and this flight was going to be our first in 15 years. We got to Gatwick early (its only about 40 minutes away) as it was the last Friday before Christmas and we expected the motorways to be busy although it turned out they weren’t and we’d checked the suitcases in by 2pm for the 6pm flight, so had plenty of time for a meal, and wander around the shops and sit down. There were 3 flights from Gatwick to Guernsey that day, 4.30pm, ours at 6pm and one at 7.40pm but the 4.30 one hadn’t gone by the time ours was due, and then the later one got cancelled, so we sat and waited and waited to see what was happening, I rang our friend a few times to update her, in the end the 7.40 one was cancelled and the 4.30 one went at 8.30, and we sat and waited and waited, and then had had an email to say the flight was delayed and would be 10pm which it was, and was most relieved to get on the flight, as we only had four nights with our friends and didn’t want to be spending the first one in a hotel at Gatwick airport!

So after a tedious delay of four hours, we were delighted to get on the plane, Only 60 of us on the flight, and the stewardess told us that one of the planes front door access wouldn’t open so that had delayed the loading and unloading and had had a knock on effect through the day. The flight was only 45 minutes, and we both had a glass of wine in celebration. Straight though customs, and our friends were waiting for us in the main concourse, big hugs for them both, we’d arrived at long last. We went to their house, they’re renting a lovely 3 bedroom house together and only moved  in a week ago, it was only a 10 minute drive from the airport. Had a much needed glass of wine and sat chatting in their lounge til 2 am.

The next day they took us to show us the coastline of Guernsey (at my request, I love the sea!) Guernsey is 27 miles from France, its length is 9 miles  by 3 miles (24 square miles) and during the second World War it was invaded by Germany for five years and there are about 17 of the German defensive towers dotted around the coast that are interesting to visit. We went to the capital St Peter Port first and had a wander along the front, and into the nice shops, and pretty Christmas lights and harbour area, and a quick drink in a local pub before going back to our friends house for dinner.

The next day was Sunday and Christmas Eve and very windy, but we saw more of the island, which is like a cross between Cornwall and France, you can’t drive at more than 30 miles an hour as the roads are too narrow, and there’s hardly any crime, and if people misbehave they are deported. Its  a polite and honest place, lots of people sell eggs or home grown produce by the roadside and theres an honesty box by the little stalls. The road names are in French, but everyone speaks English, the island is run by their own government the Bailiwick of Guernsey, a self governing dependency of the British Crown.

We saw a few of the coves and German defensive towers that cold and windy day and had a much needed hot chocolate and most delicious mince pies in a small hotel by Cobo beach, then went back to our friends house for dinner and more wine.

The next day was Christmas day and we exchanged gifts then helped prepare vegetables for Christmas dinner which was delicious, then we had a lazy rest of the day playing cards, or chatting and drinking wine til about midnight.

The next day was our last day – Boxing Day, Tuesday, and our flight was at 6pm which meant that we could see more of the island, and this time the southern end,  Petit Bot which was my favourite beach as there was a stream running along the side of the road, which then became a small waterfall, then split into two streams and another waterfall which fell onto the beach, only a small beach, with cliffs and rocks around it, and one of the defensive towers. After that we drove along the coast to Eree, Vazon bay and Fort Hammet which is one of the larger towers, by then we had seen the whole island coastline over the four days, and my husband and I were totally enthralled with the place, and I was in artist heaven with all that gorgeous scenery to photograph (378 photos I took) and will be starting a painting of Guernsey next week as its so inspirational. Our friends gave us a late lunch about 3pm, then they took us to the airport for our flight at 6pm and thanked them wholeheartedly for looking after us so well, showing us the gem of an island that is Guernsey, and they said we were welcome anytime we wanted to go again, which was lovely to hear. The flight was 35 minutes back to Gatwick, only just enough time for a glass of wine in celebration again!

I absolutely loved Guernsey…!