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The next goddess appears after a bit of a delay

I hadn’t expected when I started the sea goddess painting that it would take so long to finish it.

Part of the delay has been down to the cat bite incident that meant I couldn’t paint and had to rest my hand.

Since then I’ve looked and re-looked at the painting and until I could say to myself that it was finished, it wasn’t! That’s always the answer when someone asks me “When do you know when a painting is finished?” and my reply is “If I keep looking at a painting and can see that there is something I can add to it to improve it, then I keep going until I look and look and can’t see anything else to do on it, and know at the same time that if I did do anything more to it, it would spoil it, and then I stop”.

And with the sea goddess painting I have spent the last week keep looking at it and knowing it wasn’t quite finished..but now it is and I can show it to you…

The painting is in acrylics on paper, the image is 14 x 10 inches and is called ‘Sea goddess’. I love the way the enigmatic goddess is in the water but controlling the waves infront of her, I wanted to give a depth to the painting by the way the water bubbles and flow of the water infront of her and her hair flowing out and up to the surface water above her. I love her crown and the hint of deep water behind her. I love painting beautiful women and water so this painting has captured both. I think the goddess has a hint of mystery about her, which is a good look for a goddess…..

And here it is now that I’ve framed it in the perfect frame for it, the gold of her hair is the gold of the inner gold of the frame, the light water on the surface is the cream of the mount, the dark teal in the frame is the same as the dark sea colour (I used turquoise and burnt sienna and black to get that colour). The frame matches it perfectly!

I love it!