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And another goddess of the water this time

I knew after painting the tree goddess a couple of months ago that I wanted to paint another goddess painting… and the obvious one was water, since I love its complexity and the challenge of painting it.

Another goddess of the divine feminine,,,

I finished the painting this week, and love the way that she is both under the water and creating it infront of her from her dress creating and forming the wave, and the curve of the water forming infront of her.

I love the way her hair is moving with the water and the rising columns of water rising to the surface.

I love the way her crown is full of light and colour, and the jewels of her crown, and earrings, and clothing are hinted it. It didn’t need a lot of colour within the painting, but that in itself made it more complicated, with the muted dark blue and turquoise and shades of white that make up the painting.

It is painted in acrylics on artboard, and measures 16.5 x 13.5 inches… and is called ‘Water goddess’ … simple but very effective in its description!

I absolutely love it!!!