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Tree goddess a second time

I was asked by a client a few weeks ago if he could buy my ‘Tree goddess’ painting, I laughed and said it wasn’t for sale as I’d painted it for me, but I would happily sell him a print of it. No, he said, he didn’t want a print, he wanted an original of it… so that meant me painting it again, which was fine with me, since I love this painting!

It also meant that the client could choose what size he wanted, and since he wanted me to frame it for him I suggested a suitable frame which he thought would be perfect, as did I !

It helps immensely if I know what size its got to be, and if I supply the frame as then I can make sure the colours in the painting are harmonious to the mount if there is one (dark green in this case) and dark wood frame which also matches the theme. This painting is painted in acrylics on watercolour paper and measures 15.5 x 11.5 inches and is called ‘Tree goddess (2)’ since it is as close as I can get it to the original painting, not a new theme. I painted it in exactly the same way as the original one, drawing the image out, then a layer of paint to seal the paper, painting the background, then the tree, then the green leaves and dark roots at the bottom, then the goddess herself and the twirly bits of creeper around her last. I love it, its got its own character and just slightly different in that there is more spring greens in it which goes more with the dark green mount.

And here is the original ‘Tree goddess’ painting so you can compare them. This one was also painted in acrylics on paper and measures 22 x 16 inches.