My claim to fame with the BBC

My claim to fame with the BBC

A week last Thursday, about 9.30 in the morning, the phone rang with a surprising comment from Stuart Haywood… Who told me that the BBC wanted to ring me, more specifically the production team from the TV show ‘Have I got news for you’ regarding the photo I’d taken of him in the nude… as the photo was my copyright as I’t taken it..

Ok, I responded in some bewilderment..

Is it alright if I give them your name and phone number he asked, Yes… I said again in some bemusement

Five minutes later the phone rang again, a woman from the production team of ‘Have I got news for you’ who wanted to use my photo for the filming that night, and did I give permission for them to use it…Yes I did I said… she said that she would send me an email with a form I had to sign online to confirm I was giving my permission.. and just as an aside I asked if I would get a fee for it.. and she said I would, the basic fee, IF it made the final cut..

Within the hour she had sent me the email and form to fill out online, which was me selling the licence for them to use it on their TV show. When that was done I then rang Stuart Haywood to ask how all this had come about, because I knew I hadn’t done anything to make it happen, it was obviously something he had done… and he said he’s written an article for a local newspaper (as he does quite often and has done for many years) about on the day of the Kings Coronation, whilst King Charles was being crowned, in the royal crown jewels Stuart (who has become a naturist since I first drew him a few years ago) would be watching the Coronation on TV at home, naked exhibiting his family jewels… which amused me as a comment, and I could see how ‘Have I got news for you’ got hold of the story.

The next day was Friday (28th April) and I sat and watched avidly the viewing of ‘Have I got news for you’…only to be disappointed that my photo of Stuart wasn’t on it.. ..ok, it obviously hadn’t made the cut after all, never mind…

I was busy with various things over the weekend and the start of the week…

And then on Wednesday I had an email from the woman from ‘Have I got news for you’ to say that I could send my invoice in as my photo had been used… it turned out it made the cut for the following Monday showing on the ‘Have I got a bit more news for you’ (1st May)… so I quickly rang Stuart to ask if he had seen it, yes he had he said… good, I’ll watch it now then if he had seen it.. and there it was an edited photo of the photo as it was for TV. and I was able to get a screen shot of it

So that was great news to see, my photo of Stuart, and also meant I could send my invoice in for them to pay me (its not a massive amount, but certainly nice to have).

And certainly a very amusing claim to fame for me this week!!!

And for those of you who want to see the original photo, here it is…

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