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Delighted to do a new favourite a second time

I was asked recently to sell my ‘Tree goddess’ painting, that I finished in March this year, and told the client that delighted as I was to hear that he wanted to buy it, it wasn’t for sale, as I had painted it for myself…but I was more than happy to sell him a print of it. He said he didn’t want a print, he wanted an original of it, so we agreed that I would paint it again as a commission.

That meant that the client could choose what size it would be, and whether it was to be framed or not. I suggested a dark wood frame and dark green mount that I thought would be ideal for it, and the client happily I’ve started painting it a second time, again in acrylics on paper, and a bit smaller than the first one – this one is 15.5 x 11.5 inches, but still large enough for me to get the fine details in it, and in some ways easier than the original as all I need to do is copy it,

Having said that, it took a couple of hours to draw it out, and there are many many hours of work in it to create all the details of the Tree goddess -I am loving painting it again, and also delighted that she is going to hang on someone elses wall to make them happy too!

This is the original painting, and when I’ve finished the latest one, I’ll show you the comparrison….