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Delighted to be asked to do the updates

I had a chat a couple of weeks ago with my neighbour who mentioned he wanted me to do some artwork for him. He invited me to call around his house last weekend for him to show me what he was talking about. I was intrigued what he was referring to, but when he showed me the four drawings and said he wanted them to be updated I could see what he meant..what a lovely idea and agreed that I could do what he was asking..

About 15 years ago he and his wife and two daughters were on holiday in Paris and saw a street artist so they all sat and had their portaits drawn in Conte pencil on coloured paper, and they were all framed and on the wall in their lounge. But he wanted them updated, and four more drawings done, from photos that one of his daughters who is a photographer, will take.

What a lovely idea, and yes I can do it for him. How lovely!