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Gerberoy really is

This week I was delighted to sell a small watercolour painting I painted last year in celebration of the joyful village in France of Gerberoy. I love old French villages, I especially love them when they are full of flowers, and in summer sunshine, which was the case on the day I went, with my husband on the way back from a holiday in France. It was a place we had not heard of before we went, and I fell totally in love with it!

Here is one of the photos I took on that delightful day, when every corner was full of pretty cottages, and this one seemed to be the most appropriate one to paint, ancient timber framed, painted in pale turquoise with cream coloured plaster under a tiled roof, the doorway framed with red roses, and the stone street in front – so much joy to paint in this photo!

And here is my finished painting of it, I added more flowers on the right hand side to lead the eye up the street, in a diagonal way that makes the turquoise timbered house the focal point. And I only hinted at the stone street, I didn’t need to add every stone to show what it was,

The frame I put it in is a silvery gold frame, which picks up the roof tiles to add harmony to the picture, the image is 8 x 8 inches and the watercolour is called ‘Gerberoy the pretttiest village in France’ which it is indeed….

And I am delighted the painting is going off to make someone else happy, as painting it did for me!