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And three fly off

Yesterday the guy who commissioned me to paint ‘Wooster’ came to collect it. He brought with him a friend of mine, who is also a friend of his, its through her that he knows of me. I greeted them when they arrived and we had cups of tea in the kitchen as we discussed various subjects. The ‘Wooster painting isn’t for him, he’s commissioned it as a gift for someone else. Its in acrylics on board, and I’ve framed it for him.

He had also come to collect another painting that is for him, a watercolour called ‘Gerberoy the prettiest village in France’. So I am delighted that he wanted that painting, as I think its such an appealing painting. Its another one that I framed, and I think the frame suits it beautifully.

I took the client, and my friend into my studio to collect the paintings and wrap them up for their journey back to the Midlands. And said jokingly… “Is that if?” And my friend hesitated and asked if she could buy a print of my ‘Azure shimmer’ painting, and I laughed and said “No, you can have it, as a gift from me” and gave it to her with a hug. I knew she was feeling that it was too generous, but as I explained to her, I painted it years ago, its a lovely painting, Its done in acrylics and oil pastel, and is of a place I went on holiday some years ago, in France, about four miles from Nice, called Villefranche sur Mer, which I absolutely adored, particularly with that gorgeous turquoise of the sea. I had it on the walls of my previous house, and its been on the wall of one of the spare bedrooms up until a couple of weeks ago, and no one seems interested in buying it, so for her to have it means that it frees up space in my studio. It means that I can paint new artwork that excites me, rather than being cluttered with older artwork that no one gets the benefit of looking at. This a serious thing for me, I know I am a good artist and improving all the time, but I’m also pleased when older artwork goes off to make other people happy, its the whole point of it I think! She understood what I meant, as we’ve been good friends for so long, as we we hugged each other in understanding.

So by the time they were ready to leave they were talking three of my paintings with them back to the Midlands… Three of my paintings flying off to make other people happy….

And I also have a lovely new commission to do for him.. How exciting! Another painting to create…