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The third realm painting to accompany the others

When I finished the last realm painting it was suggested to me that there should be a third one, to accompany the other two, so that the three of them could be hung together. Not a small request at all to achieve!

I had a think about it and decided that for me the best way to pull the other two together was to imagine the moment when the fire and water realm first started, the matter of creation between the two.

So, here is the painting that I created of that moment in time, the separate water and the separate fire and three creatures just starting to form…the tadpole type creature on the left hand side, and the duck type creature bursting up, and the dark eye of the creature forming from the red fire in the middle of the picture. I wanted the painting to have the same palette of colours that the other two realm paintings have – black, white, turquoise, cadmium red, cadmium yellow, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, as they would be more harmonious then as three paintings. The painting is like the others, in acrylics on block canvas, this one measures 31.5 x 24 inches, and is called ‘Birth of the realm of fire and water’. I love it! I loved painting it, and I love the way it matches the other two. Which I’ve shown below….

Here’s the one I painted a couple of weeks ago.. ‘Underwater realm of the fire vicuna’

And here’s the painting I finished before that, a few months ago… ‘Realm of the fire bellied water baboon’