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Adding drama and intrigue

I found a gold frame that I’ve always liked and decided that I would paint a picture for a one particular place in my lounge that it would fit perfectly.. the frame had a blue mount and glass, so all I had to do was think of the right picture for it.

The space was tall and thin, and it meant that I had to think of a suitably tall and thin painting to fit in the space.

I knew what the picture would be far more intriguing as a thin landscape than the traditional horizontal one.

After a bit of thinking and searching through a few appropriate images I came up with this one, and started painting it. The main focal point was the woman in the Gothic style window, with the soaring arched ceiling above her, steps leading up to her from the stone floor below, and the added interest of the hall having nature taking over in the form of flowing plants, vines, and greenery. I also liked the idea of the hint of a massive stately building in the window behind her, adding intrigue as to what this fabulously enormous building is, and why it is now possibly empty and overgrown…

The woman is dressed in a Baroque style long dress and her face is turned to the window so you can’t see her face, and wonder who she is…what she is thinking, and why….. That is why I have called the painting ‘Contemplation’.

The painting is painted in acrylics on paper and measures 8.5 x 29 inches.

A far more dramatic painting being thin and vertical. I love it!