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Seeing it in real life makes all the difference

The client who commissioned me to paint the picture of ‘Wooster’ came to see it in real life yesterday.

He had viewed it online but hadn’t had the chance to see it in real life until yesterday, and loves it as much as I did painting it for him. He said that a photograph of this painting doesn’t do it justice and I agree, I know that even though I am as careful as possible with the photographs, the artwork is better better in real life. And I also pointed out to him that because I was framing it for him and had provided the frame that I could paint the picture in harmony with the colours of the painting, as the light parts of the brown on the dogs body matches exactly the pinky brown of the frame, which also has hints of white within it,…it makes the whole harmonious!

Whilst he was with me I showed him the latest painting I am working on in my studio. which is one that I am doing for me, and is about 90% done, and he said he was looking forward to seeing the finished painting, as am I I said!!