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Introducing another painting for me of two of my favourite things in one

I’m really enjoying doing some paintings for me at the moment, as I know how much I’ve improved in my art in the last few years I wanted to paint things that bring me pleasure (knowing that I could sell prints of them if need be but having the original to look at on a daily basis).

The two favourite subjects in one, for this painting, is a beautiful woman, and trees…with a bit of magic thrown into the painting too, as the woman is a goddess of the trees.

I drew out the image onto paper, of the main tree forming the body of the woman, and then painting the whole thing in acrylics I painted the background golds and turquoises, and blues of the trees, when I was happy with them then I painted the leaves in the upper part of the trees and the heavy branches making the dark and light tones of them.

The next part I created was the foreground roots and green leaves as they change colour from dark bluey green at the bottom to lighter yellowy green as they reach the light.

When I was happy with the background and foreground I then started working on the body of the goddess from the ground up her body, as her dress is made of twisted vines and had to look like they were entwined up and over in and out of each other…which took many hours to complete to make them look realistic!

It was only then that I started on the skin tones of the goddess, her arms, chest, and shoulders, and using the same colours for her face. I then painted her crown thats part of the tree, and then her hair as it flowed from her head down around her upper arms and joined onto the lower vines. Then I painted her hand in black and bis of brown.

The last part of her body was the vines that stand out from the lighter peachy colour behind her, which had to be painted in one go, and got right in one go, otherwise they would have looked messy and messed up the delicate tones of the background.

The finishing touches were the bits of magic, the orangy spots of magic around her, that hint at the magic that she is,

The painting is painted in acrylics on paper, and measures 22 x 16 inches.

I love this painting, I love her beauty, the trees. and the magic in the painting… its called ‘Tree goddess’ of course…