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Happy New Year to 2023

Its always with interest and intrigue and hope that we look forward to new years and wonder what they will bring us. But its also a time of year that we are reminded of what the previous year has been…and I was reminded of that big time at the New Years Eve party I went to….

The party was great fun, my husband and I arrived there at 8 pm, all dressed up for the party, and didn’t leave until after 2 am… in that time we chatted a lot to various people, including some good friends, it was a great atmosphere we listened to the dance music, and danced, and drank lots of vodka, always my happy drink! There were about 150 people there at the party, the atmosphere was fun, and easy going, and we had a great time. But it also dawned on me whilst we chatted to various friends that three couples there had artwork that I had created for them…….

And the most specific reminder was from the couple who I painted the wedding present for – of the two of them on a beach, him as Poseidon, and she as a mermaid. I hadn’t seen them since they had collected the painting from me, just over a year ago so it was lovely to be reminded of the painting I had created for them, as its one of the ‘erotic landscape’ types of paintings I do – with boob rocks in the sea, and a cock rock in the distance, and a fanny cave in the cliff..tasteful erotic.

But what I was most interested to hear from the guy was when he and his wife came to collect the painting from me (which she had designed through me as her wedding present to him) was that he was fascinated with the painting I had hanging on my studio wall, which I had done some years ago for someone else, and I knew at the time was so clever that I wanted to paint a version of it for myself.. because that is a true erotic landscape and he hadn’t picked up the couple hidden within the picture until I pointed it out to him.. so I was again delighted that it had made such an important impression on him!

So as I look forward to this year i wonder what pictures I will be painting for clients. Because thats the challenge for me knowing that clients ask for artwork I hadn’t considered and I know that I can paint what they ask for.

And I also know that I have a painting half finished on my easel in my studio that I want to get on and finish too…and although its not an erotic landscape, it is a painting that is inspiring me massively!

So, I wish for you, what I wish for myself this year, a year of wonder, and happiness, and creative joy……