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As this year draws to a close

As this year draws to a close (and I love that pun as an artist!) I am absolutely delighted with the many diverse pieces of artwork I’ve done…

At the start of the year I painted a simple commission of ‘Blue bird tree’ in acrylics on canvas with gold metallic paint for the background.

There was another acrylics painting soon after that but this time on board … ‘West Malling Cascade’ of one of my favouite places in Kent.

Then a watercolour ‘Coldrum Stones wishing tree’ also of a well known place in Kent.

Then another place in Kent, a pen and ink black and white drawing of Leeds Castle.

Then I painted ‘Wolf moon’, in watercolours but with drama and atmosphere of the cold night and lone wolf within the painting.

Then a delicate watercolour of ‘Gerberoy the prettiest village in France’.. which it most certainly is!

Then I was asked to do a life drawing commission ‘Part of the later in life bucket list’ in pencil on paper for someone who had never posed for an artist before and thanked me afterwards for making the experince a relaxed and enjoyable one.

The next painting was a watercolour called ‘Refreshing greens’ of a bridge and ford in Staffordshire,

Then another watercolour ‘Farningham Folly bridge’ this is one of my favourite places in Kent.

The next painting was a dramatic acrylic landscape on board ‘Tree of portent’ , I love the sense of power in this painting.

Then one of my favourites, and the one I used for my Christmas card image this year in acrylics on board ‘Pure spirits’ of a blonde goddess riding a white unicorn through a sunlit forest.. and a horses head and other magic hidden within the painting…..

The next painting was a commission and in acrylics on canvas and called ‘The Joker and the Queen’ an erotic but tasteful painting of a loving couple who wanted a dramatic sky above them…..

Then a totally different painting but also in acrylics on canvas, called ‘Realm of the firebellied water baboon’ this one is more surreal. with dramatic fire and water and mystical creatures, I really love it, as did the person who wanted to buy it as soon as she saw it!

Then another pen and ink drawing this one a commission of various aspects of one house ‘Gaerestone’ .

And the last one of the year, also a commission this one a portrait of a couple ‘Marion and Tony’ in acrylics on board. There was a lot of detail to get right in this painting, other than the obvious portaits of the couple themselves, the glasses, and glass bottle are secondary to the couple but had to look realistic too. Glass is difficult to paint, as the light catches it and you can see through it, as well as it being a solid surface itself with liquid within it.. an interesting challenge too.

As always I love painting commissions, as I am asked to paint things that I wouldn’t have considered otherwise, and know that I have enough experience and ability to create whatever the client requests, portraits are difficult as I have to get a good likeness, life drawing is difficult because I have to do a portrait as well as drawing the person infront of me in real life.

But other than the ‘Pure spirits’ painting I absolutely adore the ‘Realm of the firebellied water baboon’ and know I will be painting more in that theme… it has so much in it that challenges me, water, fire, dramatic lighting, and strange half mystical creatures that make you look more closely… whats not to love!