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Heartbreaking…but heart consoling…

This week I was informed of the very sad news that that Peter in this painting I did for Miranda and Peter as their wedding present, had died. It came as a great shock. I hadn’t seen them since I did the painting for them a few years ago. Certainly far too short a time for me to hear this sad news.

But what I was so touched by, and I want to mention this part of it here…

Miranda, as she messaged me to give me the sad message, said that she treasured the wedding portrait more than ever.

I was so touched to hear that.

A painting is more than just a photograph, it is the whole of a lot of parts put together. This oil painting in particular had a lot of parts put in it to tell the story of “Peter and Miranda, past, present, and future”. It was my pleasure to put so much into it.. and such happy memories for the two of them, and for me the artist to create for them.

And I am touched to hear that my painting consoles, too. A painting from the heart, for two hearts, even when one is so sad….