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What wonderful feedback

On return from my holiday in France I had a wonderful email that put a big smile on my face. It was from the guy I did the pencil life drawing of a few weeks ago… who had showed the drawing to his wife and this was his feedback of her reaction….

.”… She thinks it’s brilliant and that you have captured me perfectly.  At first she didn’t believe I actually stood naked in front of you and I must have sent a photo, until I showed her the photo of me next to the drawing.  Anyway as I said she loves it.

I enjoyed reading your blog, and the way you explained how we achieved the final portrait and I hope you enjoyed refreshing your skills as an erotic artist.  I will add that it was a strange feeling seeing myself on there even with my face blocked.

I replied that I was delighted that his wife loved the picture, and thought it that I had captured him perfectly. Its always a lot of pressure on an artist to not only draw the person, but to capture their essence, and character within a portrait, with only a few hours to do so. I’ was glad I took the photo of him by the drawing to prove the point that he had actually posed in real life for me.

If the client is happy, then the artist is happy too…