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I’m honoured to win such an apt prize in the photo competition

I’ve got to know the name of Andrew Kennedy in the last three years of living in Kent, as our local Kent County Council Councillor, he listens to the local comments certainly in Blue Bell Hill village where I live, and acts and reports back in a very helpful way. He writes a monthly newsletter for the village and is very generous with his time and energy for the area.

I noticed a couple of weeks ago on the Blue Bell Hill Facebook page that he was offering a photo competition for his area of 10 photos that depicted the areas that he covers – Aylesford, Blue Bell Hill, and Kits Coty were part of that area so I submitted three photos to his competition, since I had nice ones of each of those places…

And the one of the ten that he liked best he would use for his Christmas card image which I thought was a nice gesture too.

And this week he emailed me to tell me I had won a prize for my Kits Coty photo… and asked my address for him to pop it in the post for me..which I duly gave him and thanked him for it! I was really pleased he liked it enough for it to win in his competition.

Today the doorbell rang and there he was to bring the prize himself! Which I certainly wasn’t expecting as I greeted him and shook his hand and thanked him. The prize is a booklet called ‘ Kits Coty Estate’ and is about the personal memories of a man called Brian Culver who is the longest living person who has lived on Kits Coty since he was born there in 1938. plus a copy of the old sale by auction of the Kits Coty Estate to accompany it. I shall find it fascinating! I love local history. I thanked Andrew and he asked me if I was a photographer and I explained I was a professional artist which took the conversation about art, and the local area. I’m sure we’ll chat again on that subject.

And the reason my prize is so apt, is the photo I sent to Andrew Kennedy that he liked so much is my photo of Kits Coty House which is the Neolithic long barrow stones of a burial chamber, which is about two miles from where I live.

And here is the photo of mine (below) that Andrew Kennedy chose for his photo competition prize for the Kits Coty part of his area. Very apt don’t you think! That I won the book about Kits Coty Estate for a photo of Kits Coty House…