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As feedback goes

Three weeks ago I went into Rochester to look at the art gallery there and the standard of artwork they had for sale on their walls. I’ve always liked that gallery as its an independent one that has been going for 60 years so they obviously know the market and have a good name with artists, and customers. I had a look around and knew that my artwork was of a good enough standard to match the artwork they were already selling.

I introduced myself to the woman who was in charge and asked the proceedure for asking if they were willing to have my artwork for sale through them too… it was a very simple proceedure she said and gave me the email address. Later on that day I sent an email with a selection of my artwork that I thought would be most appropriate for their gallery and a quick email explaining – without doing a lengthly email explaining who I was other that a professional artist with 40 years experience of painting and selling my artwork…

And then…. I waited……

By today, three weeks later, I had not heard anything and thought I’d ring up to ask what the time frame was for feedback, as I certainly didn’t want to carry on waiting for a reply if they hadn’t had the email in the first place (which has happened before with another art gallery and I ended up waiting for 12 weeks wondering what had happened!!). She said ..”Your artwork is FABULOUS…but….we are not currently looking to take on new artists… but we’ll be in touch in the future when we ARE..”

….which is fair enough, as I know that they are trying to help the artists who have been with them since before lockdown and the Covid pandemic, and I admire their loyalty..

So, as far as feedback goes, I had thought that they might not be taking on new artists – BUT to hear that MY artwork is FABULOUS is music to my ears and has put a big smile on my face.. !!!!!!!!!!


I knew I was good enough for their gallery, and they think so too….. and will be in touch….