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Creating the Artists garden

Since we moved to this house in Kent almost three years ago we have been working hard on many important jobs in the house and garden, but it is only this last 6 months that I have been able to think more about the new plants I wanted to go in it. Some of them are replacements for the two previous gardens I had in Leicestershire, and Derbyshire before that. But this garden isn’t a repeat of other ones, I want new plants too, without spending a fortune on them. So that means buying shrubs that will come up year after year and ones that will flower too.

Last year I dug out a new bed to follow the line of the decking we had put in, as I liked the idea of the plants being pretty and floral and scented as well. But this year I decided to extend the front of it to enable me to put in more plants, Some of the plants that are already there I didn’t want to move, but I had to bear in mind the colour theme of them… much as I love just a white garden, it can look a bit boring if thats all it is, and I didn’t want to limit myself to just pink and white which was what the majority of the plants were there from last year. I wanted red, and yellow, and orange, and blue, as well as the pink and white.

I also dug out a little new bed by the decking as the little triangle of grass there was awkward to cut, it has a white Clematis, a white Passionflower, as well as other pink and purple flowers in it.

So now in the extended decking bed that I dug out I now have a little weeping Cherry tree, a climbing yellow rose, a yellow Star Jasmine, a white Jasmine, Quince, Hebe, Escallonia, Weigela, Alstomerias, yellow and bronze coloured Wallflowers, blue Scabious, Rose Campion, Sweet Williams, and various other plants.

And this week the little weeping Cherry tree had its first flowers (it arrived via Amazon as a bare rooted, bare branched little stick about 4 weeks ago so I am delighted it has settled in nicely already!). I have also dug out the bed where the weeping Cherry tree is so that I can see it from the house windows easily, so I have the joy of it when I am inside as well as out…

I now feel that I have a garden! An Artists Garden….