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My website updates are a heartwarming success already

Its probably been three years since I last did updates to this degree on my website, although I have been painting artwork in that time, it wasn’t put on the odd one or two until I had a few to do, and then I found I had 24 to add!

Mostly they were for the landscape gallery, but also a few for the animals gallery, a few for the peoples gallery, and two for the queynte (Fantasy Fanny) gallery. But as well as that I had a chat with my webmaster as I’ve always felt that not only is the title important, but also a bit of an explanation for some of the paintings, especially when I’ve hidden something within the painting that may not be obvious at first glance… I know sometimes people see things within my paintings that I don’t plan, that delightful serendipity, but when I do plan them I want to explain why… and the way the website is now, each painting has its title below it, and a bit of a description if needed, the medium its painting in, the size, if there is something else of note to add… Its important to me.. and those who view my work too…

It took MANY hours of MY time, to write the new information, and also my webmasters time to put it all on the website, and gave me a chance to focus on the artwork, the galleries, and to make a note of what the new artwork is, and if the old artwork stood up to it, and I’m pleased that it did, I didn’t take any paintings out of the galleries this time. In the past I have if I’ve felt some of them weren’t good enough.

So then when it was all done, I was intrigued with the responses it got – I had a few verbal ones complimenting me, and two written ones (bearing in mind I only did the updates a few days ago so its very early days) but the two responses that I was so pleased about are the two below, from different people, in different countries….

I’ve just had a browse of your updated website and think it’s great. It really helps to have the name and a bit of information about each picture directly underneath it. I’ve not looked at your gallery for a while, and noticed several I don’t recall seeing before. I love your animal paintings in particular, especially the cats, both big and small. I think the little dog Millie looks adorable and full of mischief. The landscape pictures are amazing too. I love the pen sketches in particular and it’s good to be able to see clearly the location of them all.

And the other one was this one….

“I just spent some time leafing lazily through the new website, and it certainly brightened up this cold, glum March afternoon!  The site comes across as clean, efficient and professional.  What struck me most was the depth and breadth of your art over the many years we’ve known each other (15!).  I will always think of you as an erotic artist first, but you’ve executed so many noteworthy works in other genres that title doesn’t do you justice.  

I found a number of old favorites, but I was surprised at the number of paintings I didn’t remember and are just as worthy of attention.  It’s really a monumental portfolio of work!

The print testimonials are quite complimentary, and in some cases moving in their sincerity.

Thanks for letting me know about the new site launch!