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Happy New Year with a golden touch

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and one hopefully full of happiness.. we are all still very aware of the Covid pandemic and how its affecting any plans for the year! And never quite sure if plans are going to get cancelled unexpectedly….

I ended last year on a high regarding sale of artwork and commissions, and am starting the year with a couple of commissions already arranged with clients. One for this month, one at some point in the near future….

So that’s always good to start the year with!

And I also want do do more of the acrylic pour paintings which are technically complicated for simple results, if thats the best way of describing them. I know exactly how paint reacts when I paint it, but not always when I pour it! its a bit like the watercolour pour on paintings I’ve done in the past, the fluidity of the paint on the surface does wonderful unexpected patterns… I’ve got some brand new canvases awaiting me adding paint to them…

And the commission for this month is one that involves something I fell in love with when I saw it, and the commission is to create something that its inspired me to do…I may come up with a couple of ideas and see which one the client likes best…before I do the finished artwork…. but what I will say about it involves one of my favourite colours, a metallic one….. the fabulous colour of gold…..