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Being reminded of one of my favourite paintings

I had a lovely email from the Derbyshire writer Stuart Haywood the other day that made me smile,….

                    “I walked down to Sainsburys this morning and on the way I recollected my first visit to you and discussing ideas.I was nervous as I did not know what to expect.We decided to do the pose with me sitting and holding a book.What surprised me was how quickly I got used to the idea of being naked and being scrutinised  by a woman.To took me about 10 minutes to begin enjoying the experience.I love that drawing because it was the first and depicts me in a familiar guise of bookworm.

                      You then drew the picture of me reclining on the settee.I think that makes a lovely picture and several of my female friends like it too.

The next time was the “bum” drawing which,again,is liked by my female friends. What I remember is when the drawing was completed and put a foot out to turn round,my standing leg gave way beneath me and I fell violently backwards.There were balls flying everywhere!I also really love it.

                       Think we may have done the “triangle” drawing.This always brings a smile to my lips.

                        The one with me holding a “Derby Telegraph” seems the weakest of the six.It just did not turn out as I envisaged.

                        The last one with me “falling out”with everyone is the other that always makes me laugh and is among my favourites.

                        Throughout the drawing of these we kept up an interesting flow of conversation that I thoroughly enjoyed.It is your friendly demeanour that made the operation so enjoyable.

Of the other five,the first one,the watercolour in our Gresley garden stands out on it’s own because,not only does it contain a beautifully painted likeness of me but also a much loved garden.I am in a familiar pose,secateurs in hand. Rhona is also in familiar pose.Behind me is Rosa Rubrifolia With it’s greyish blue foliage and small pink flowers which turn into small red hips.Stanwell perpetual is in the middle of the small bed,which is surrounded by a box hedge all grown from cuttings taken when the were cutting the hedges at Calke.I loved that garden.

                          The depictions of interests in my life are brilliant. Love     Stuart

Isn’t that all lovely to know, and of the paintings I’ve done for Stuart, the one I like best is the garden one…it depicts his whole life and interests hidden within the picture…so many things, from music, cricket, writing, reading, working for a book maker, owning a green grocers shop and of course his love of gardening, and his beloved wife…

The other drawings he mentions are here…they were all poses he chose as he has such a lovely sense of humour