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Thats put a smile on my face

Yesterday I went for my usual walk around the village, its the walk that I love whatever the weather and time of year as I see trees, and nature, flowers, horses, houses, and gardens, big skies and my favourite oak tree.

As I came back from the walk I could see a woman outside a house I pass by, I don’t know her name, I’ve only said hello as I’ve passed by if we’re close enough to speak. I called over to her “Hello, can I ask a daft question?” and she turned and smiled and said “Yes……” and I said “I’m a keen gardener and was wondering whats the name of that plant that’s full of pretty pink flowers I can see when I walk past?” and pointed it out to her … “Its a rose” she said. “A rose????? I hadn’t realised it was a ROSE!” I said and asked her what it was called, she didn’t know, but kindly gave me a flower from it so that I could look it up in my gardening books. We had a bit of a conversation about her pretty garden and then I said “I don’t know your name?” and she told me and I replied “I’m Jackie” and she nodded and said “The Artist?” and I smiled in delight and said “Yes, the advertising in the village newsletter obviously works!!!” We had a bit of a chat about the village and the community spirit of the place. It was nice to meet another woman from the village, and have a gardening connection…

And she kindly gave me a flower from the rose so that I can try and find more about it and get one myself, I was astonished how many flowers it still had at the end of November, when its been bitterly cold for the last fortnight, it was such a prolific and pretty plant!