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Revisiting Mow Cop

I was contacted by a guy in October who wanted to buy a painting of mine I did some time ago. Its of a place called “Mow Cop” which is a wonderful folly high on the hills on the Cheshire/Staffordshire border overlooking the surrounding countryside. Its painted in watercolours and measures 14.5 x 10.5 inches. I’ve always loved the drama of it and the hint of distance and the movement in the sky. So of course I was delighted someone wanted to buy the painting….

The guy explained that he wanted to pay in three installments, from October to December and I said I was more than happy to do that if it helped him buy it. He explained that he wanted to make sure no one else bought it in the meantime from me, so I put his name against it, and he duly paid me on the dates he’d said.

When the final payment was made I parcelled it up and sent it off to him.

And showed the picture on my Facebook page, where there were some wonderful heartwarming comments about what a lovely picture it is…which of course I’m always happy to hear!!

And then someone I’ve done artwork for before commented that it was a pity it had sold as she would have bought it for a friend of hers who loves the place of Mow Cop. So I sent her a private message to explain that I could paint it again, if she wanted me to, its easy enough to replicate it and paint it again..and she said “Wow, yes please”

So it looks like I shall be painting it again next year!! lol Oh good, I’m always happy to do that, its like revisiting an old friend…