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My first acrylic pour

It was probably a couple of years ago I first heard of acrylic pouring painting, and was intrigued with the idea of it…as I’ve been using watercolour pours for the basis of painting for years and love the affect of it. I know its not an easy technique to learn too, as its down to a lot of things being right at the same time….. I’d seen some fabulous artwork online from other artists and seen the technique enough times on Youtube, and my husband had been most helpful with advice as it was something that fascinated him too.

Since I am in a (rare!) lull between commissions and painting artwork for other people I thought I’d have a go at an acrylic pour to see how I got on with it. There is no point in having an idea of it being anything other than an abstract design, as the paint goes in its own wonderfully liquid direction. I knew I wanted the colours to be a base coat of black, with metallic gold, and red, and a creamy white as I knew that that would work well with similar warm colours to be harmonious.

I got a canvas, mixed my paints ready for pouring, using Liquidex pouring medium to mix in a 50/50 mix with the paint. I know that to create the “cells” in the paint I had to add a few drops of oil, to the paint so I did that. I also know this has to be a quick process so painted the canvas with the black paint giving a liquid surface to the canvas, then I poured the previously mixed pot of the colours, gold/red/cream/ over the canvas and gently tilted it to get the paint to move. Its a back and forth gentle tilt which gets the paint to dribble slightly down the edge too…. then came the difficult bit, putting it down and leaving it alone!

And waiting for it to dry overnight.

The next day I was really pleased to see the result, and quickly touched up bits of black down the sides that had been missed when the canvas was tilted. I love it! To the point that its been hung on the wall. Its on a canvas 23 x 12 inches and is called “Acrylic pour Flame” since that is what it reminds me of. I knew it was that way up, not the other way up, even if it is an abstract.

And here are more pictures of the details – I can see images within it, like faces… and a friend of mine said she could see a Phoenix!

So now I’ve done one and its turned out ok I want to do some more, and learn this wonderful technique…