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Happy Christmas to all who read this

As Christmas approaches, I am as always reminded of how the year has progressed and the importance of friends and family. In the cards I’ve sent out I’ve sent my usual summary newsletter summing up the year, and look forward with delight in receiving updates on the year from old family friends, family, old neigbours, old work colleagues, and even a couple who I met on a holiday in the USA in 1995 …

I’ve put the Christmas decorations up, made the festive food, wrapped Christmas presents and sent them off to their various destinations.

I know again this year some people are having to cancel their plans as the Covid pandemic again puts people into self isolation and suddenly their plans are put on hold, or cancelled.

So we are all grateful for Christmas and celebrating how we can. At least this year we can see other people which is a massive improvement on last year…

I’m looking forward to spending Christmas with my darling husband and good friends, shared laughter, and happy memories.

So I wish to you a Happy Christmas filled with love and laughter, happy memories and joyous celebrations.