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This is why I have discussions about Hanging pictures

The three acrylic paintings I completed for the client – “Repton skyline silhouette”(59 x 20 inches), “Pride of peacocks” (19 x 15 inches) and “Peacock of Askew Hill” (60 x 40 inches) were collected on Friday from me.

The client was so excited about getting them hung on the wall as fast as possible and was kind enough to send me photos of them hanging where they were designed and created to go.

The “Repton skyline silhouette” was created to go on the wall above a walk through area between two rooms, matching the colour scheme of one of the rooms.

The “Pride of peacocks painting” hangs on the wall to the side of it.

“Repton skyline silhouette” and “Pride of peacocks”

“Peacock of Askew Hill”

And the “Peacock of Askew Hill” is in the exact place the client and I discussed, in the hallway, above the front door, and lit partly by natural light from the windows either side of it, and partly by the beautiful chandelier infront of it, which is why I wanted to put the metallic paint in the birds tail, as I knew it would gleam and catch the light, and needed to be seen from a distance and be simple but very effective as the centre piece of the room.

“Peacock of Askew Hill”

I love it, and think it looks stunningly effective!

And this is why I have discussions with clients about where a painting is to be hung, and try and find the right size of canvas the client wants for their piece of art.