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At last.. the time has come

At last…the time has come for me to start the murals. The owners of Eureka love my designs that I’ve been working hard on for the last couple of weeks, and I’ve got the go ahead to start painting them! I’ve been waiting for this day since January when I was asked to do them!

I went along yesterday to start, and was delighted to have the room to myself for the painting, it makes it easier whilst I decide what I need and how to access it. The male owner helpfully moved a sturdy board across for me to stand on, so I have a firm surface, and feel happy about standing on it and getting on and off it easily too. I am aware that I’m not fully healed yet other than a small hole in the wound, but I’m not lifting anything heavy that will be detrimental to it. The heaviest thing I will lift will be a pencil, paintbrush, paint, and the paint containers I will mix the paint in.

Yesterday went well, I drew a grid out on the wall to match the proportions of my working drawing. So long as the proportions are correct, the image will work. Even though the wall is 8 feet 8 inches by 5 feet 3 inches, and the drawing I have done is in inches, the proportions are exact, so half of that, and half again, and half of that into eights, horizontally, and half again and half of that vertically matched exactly the working drawing (which I had gridded out in red pen at home) so all I had to do after that was copy what was in each block working along the wall. At the end I stood back to check that the images in it looked right, the bits that are less important it didn’t matter so much about, but the bits that were straight lines of buildings for instance or more specific lines for figures, had to be right. The grid is the basis, I will correct it by hand to make sure it will look correct. And later on in the day when the female owner came in to admire it, I said to her, standing back in the middle of the large room, that the image will look great from there, as I planned it, and she agreed!! Yay!

And hopefully in the next session I will be able to start the exciting stuff…the painting itself..!