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The sum of my past in emails

I had a new contact to add to my "Contacts" list for emails today. As I was adding it I realised next to it there was an old name on the list from way back that I thought I’d delete as I was no longer in contact with them and never would be now I’d moved to Kent. As I looked a bit closer at the list I realised there was a load more, so being methodical, and not having anything specific to do today as I’m still recovering from my operation six weeks ago, I thought I might as well go through them from A to Z.

I went through the A’s..on through the B’s opening up each one, some are people I’m regularly in contact with now, so they were easy enough to know to keep..some were people I know through business – contacts from when I was in the Guild of Erotic Artists, and artists I know from when the Ashby Guild of Artists was up and running, some were friends I’m connected with on Facebook, some were family, some were people I know from the erotic blogging connections years ago (a few of whom were the participants in the Fantasy Fanny paintings), some were male models offering to pose for me – since I am methodical I had made a note of whether they were male models, and the date they had contacted me – a lot of those had a note next to them "Contacted me 2015 wanted me to draw him, will get back to me" and then a big blank after that because they never did (they all got deleted, there was no point in hanging on to those names and contact details! There must have been twenty of those to delete….).

Some of the names I had no idea whatsoever who they were..just a name, and an email address…they had obviously contacted me at some point over the years…and had been of importance. Some of them were people who had contacted me when I exhibited twice at Erotica with my "Fantasy Fannies" Queyntes paintings. Some were people who had admired my artwork and emailed me to tell me. And a lot of them were people who had bought artwork from me..I smiled as I recognised the name of the artwork, and date it had been bought…some simple paintings from local art exhibitions, some sold online, some more costly artwork commissions, and everything between the two.

Happy artwork hanging on peoples walls at this very moment, all over this country, and abroad…

The ones I have no idea about I’ll leave….no point in deleting them if I’m not sure….