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Healing in all its forms

It’s almost four weeks since I had the hysterectomy and I am still slowly recovering. I knew all along it wasn’t going to be a quick process, and am mentally resigned to the fact it will take time. I have a bit more energy than I had a couple of weeks ago, but am still moving quite slowly, and have quite a bit discomfort, even with painkillers helping me to sleep at night. Some days are better than others. Yesterday wasn’t a good day, today so far is better, so far. The district nurse when she visits is happy with the way my body is healing, so that’s good to know. I still have a small leak in part of the wound that’s been there just over two weeks, it may get bigger, it will probably last another two or three weeks, there is no telling at the moment, just an acceptance of it being there. So long as I have a dressing on it, and firm medical tape holding it in place I have freedom of movement, and that’s all I can do too, accept it being there. I’m trying to move around a bit, for the exercise, sit outside a bit in the sunshine which I know is good for me, if it’s not too cold.

And I am immensely grateful to my husband who is looking after me as well as he is. Some days are more difficult for him too, I know. Sometimes its difficult for me to describe what I am going through, or how it hurts. He’s doing a marvellous job of caring for my needs, both physical and mental.

I’m happy to read, and am catching up on some books I’ve been meaning to read since late last summer, as well as an old favourite I can’t recall the story line of, so it must have been may years since I last read it. So in a way that’s like reading a new book, if I can’t remember it!

As well as reading, I am keeping my mind active with Facebook most days, to some degree, and emails, and crosswords, and word puzzles, Angry birds on my I-Pad, as well as Backgammon, Draughts, and Connect 4 all on my i-Pad – with the machine always happy to play me, and amuse me when I want it to, and improve my playing technique if I put it on the hardest settings. I am not bored. I have had some phone calls, and texts from friends and family to see how I am. And also been delighted and astonished at two beautiful bouquets of flowers turning up on the doorstep, a week apart, from two different friends, one of whom I knew didn’t have my address but had worked it out with the most inspired detective work via Facebook and Google. I was also touched by the way she had included sunflowers in the choice of flowers in the bouquet as she knows how much I love France, and how the sunflower fields in the summer in France are a joy to behold. So thoughtful of her, and so very kind. I was immensely touched with that kindness.

Its good to catch up with friends when they ring to see how I am. Its that heartwarming mix of empathy, sympathy, and positive upbeat conversation, that means I put the phone down from talking to them feeling a bit better within myself.

I read a proverb today – on Facebook of all places that said:

"The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter and the spirit heals with joy".

I found it very apt for what I’m going through at the moment. I’m not doing much physical play at the moment, and some days I don’t have much of a sense of humour if I’m in pain and a lot of discomfort. But certainly I am finding joy where I can…in reading, in keeping my mind busy with games, in the contact of people who care for me and ask how I am, and certainly in the unexpected kindness of bouquets of flowers sent to me.