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Filling in the colour in any way I can

Its just over seven weeks now since my big operation and I am starting to get more energy. I still have a lot more healing to do but feel that I am on the road to getting back to myself after a few weeks of only having the energy to walk gently around the house and look at the garden from inside the house, not that the weather has been good enough to want to be out in it anyway, grim grey February and March weather is always depressing I think.

But last week I realised I would have to replace some of the plants in the pots outside as they hadn’t survived the heavy snow we had in mid February. But getting in a car and going anywhere to buy new ones isn’t something I have the inclination to do, so other methods would have to be used….namely.. Amazon.

I was astounded last year when I needed some plants for the garden and we were in lockdown to find that Amazon sells plants. And when they arrived from established growers in this country I was even more delighted to find how healthy and well packaged the plants were, so of course it was obvious that I would look at Amazon again when I needed some more plants.

So.. last week Amazon it was and I found some replacements I wanted for the geraniums, the osteospermums, and a French lavender. As well as that I found some chives, and garlic chives to add to my three raised herb beds, and also I was even more delighted to find a plant I’ve been looking for for a year – a female skimmia! I had one at the last house in Leicestershire, and also the one before that in South Derbyshire, but have not been able to find one anywhere in Kent (online) since I started looking. Yay! It arrived on Thursday, and looked a good well established plant. The reason I love them is because they have an attractive everygreen leaf, white flowers and bright red berries all year round, so are always interesting to look at even in winter. They have to have a male skimmia with them to fruit, but I already have one of those, so they will make a happy pair together in the garden. And I have a new plant that will make me happy to add to the others.

Building up colour and shape and interest in the garden always makes me feel happy, and that improves my art too.

Happy gardening indeed….