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Advertising in the Village

When we went into lockdown, almost a year ago now, various people were anxious to pass information on that would be useful for their area, and non more so than Blue Bell Hill village where I now live, There was a bit of paper put through everyones letter boxes soon after lockdown, informing us of a community Facebook page, which has been useful to be connected to, even if most of the comments have related to dog shit, drivers speeding through the village, and fly-tipping. There have been more positive comments about people wanting to give away old toys, jigsaws, and books to help their neighbourhood in more charitable ways. Its nice to see a friendly village with a good sense of community. And there is also now a “Buy and sell” Facebook page connected to it for anyone wanting to sell all sorts of items from cushions, toys, Christmas decorations, and I put some old paintings of mine on it to see if I’d get any buyers, I haven’t so far, but it helps to promote myself as an artist.

At the end of the year the village started up its first newsletter, which I thought was a great idea, it had features about the myths and legends of this long established community on the hill, adverts for people who had businesses supplying food to the village (the local pub was doing take-aways, there was a fish and chip van coming to the village once a week, and someone was providing afternoon teas people could purchase). And there was the chance to advertise if you had a connection to the village and a business.. Well I have, I thought! And contacted the woman who edits the newsletter to ask what she needed from me regarding information. She was very helpful in her reply and between us we created an advert I was happy with, for January, February, and March.

Here’s the February one with my advert ideally situated on the front cover.

So, I’m really happy with my advert, so far it hasn’t brought any work in for me, but I know people when they want some artwork will have a think about it, and bear it in mind when a special occasion arises, like someones birthday or Christmas, or an anniversary. I’ve included people, a place, and an animal in my painting of “Peter and Miranda, past, present and future” since it covers most things that people want painting – themselves, their animals, or a favourite place…